Rock 5 - Case + Cooling

Great to hear, I dont want to sound like i was putting it down as its a great thing you guys are doing, but it does need a little bit of work. But its good enough for me to do the job. Ill add my own standoffs instead of fixing it myself and re-printing.

Eventually ill be sticking it in an extruded aluminum case, but figured a PLA box would for now.

I designed a case for Rock 5B. Please feel free to print it and give me a comment.

It will support the 4010 Fan later or you could redesign yourself in my base.Thank you!


I am having the case printed by a company right now and could share my experience next week.

UPDATE 2022-11-09

The screws did not fit on mine. I had to enlarge the opening. And had used 3mm x 20mm because I had no other. The power/reset button can only be used with special tools. Maybe there is a solution.


thanks for the case design! printed well. screws fit. allignement and fit quite good only holes for power/reset buttons could be a bit bigger

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That is cool, maybe a bit dayglo for me :slight_smile: but with both possible m.2 connectors is it possible to have an extra 10mm either side and have fans and vents on the side with a closed box say with 30/40mm fans depending on height.
A push/pull with a 30 mm fan and a board hieght of 10mm would 1/3rd below 2/3rd above airflow as that airflow all over the board can have a huge effect on cooling and let you choose maybe a lower profile passive heatsink(s).
Why they didn’t have normal mobo jumpers than on board switches so you can use wired and have a really pro job is a mystery to me. (2.0 MB)

This was shared on discord also.

Do you have files for a link where I can download the files from

@ukiehub We have a much better one now. This one addressed most of the issues we’ve found and it changes the bottom panel to have a removable cover so that you can install/remove nvme ssds easier. The stl is in the attachment. (234.9 KB)

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But can Radxa fan be installed? For me these boxes needs to be ready for all accessories installed + radxa fan (im not talking about the only heatsink).

The offical Radxa fan has a lower height than the IO ports, so it can be installed for sure.

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happy days! any other suggestion to this to find better prices for 3d printing?

Im having issues to get that image file to be ready for printing… can you re-verify it?

That site only accepts a single file for each component, and mine has 3 components combined in one file,

This one has 3 separate files and you have to upload all 3 to print. (259.4 KB)

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Arigatto gnattuuuu!

In my case , by this way,I can keep 5B’s temperature lower than 50 degree , and nvme under 55 degree.


not too bad… is that the radxa case??? show me the greeeeeen :star_struck::star_struck:

my internet link goes so slow that I cannot upload the pic now :wink:
I will try some later~~

that ugly ham? :smile::smile::rofl:

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Nice! Doesnt looks bad