Rock 3a support MSI-X?


Clarification of Rock 3a compatibility with “Coral M.2 Accelerator”.

Requirements for “Coral M.2 Accelerator” -

support for MSI-X as defined in the PCI 3.0 specification

Does “Rock 3a” support MSI-X?

Please refer to the next document and post.
In addition, I confirmed the ‘/boot/config-4.19.193-17-rockchip-ga4e78ea509f7’ included ‘CONFIG_PCI_MSI=y’ line.

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Yes, the PCIe controller in ROCK 3A(RK3568) supports MSI-X. You can check the TRM of RK3568 on the wiki:

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rk3568 have GICV3 support gic - its interrupt