Problems when connecting multiple ROCK3As to a network

There is no problem when one unit is connected to the network, but when multiple units are connected, communication with other units becomes abnormally slow while connected to one unit.
It has no effect on non-ROCK3A units on the same network.
In other words, if it’s not a failure, I think it’s a problem between the ROC3A units.
Has anyone experienced this issue?
Please let me know if there is a solution.

Is there a conflict(duplication) in the Mac Address ?

Thank you for pointing out.
No IP address conflicts.
Same result with static IP or DHCP.
When one side becomes able to communicate, the other unit’s communication becomes slow, and when the slowed one becomes able to communicate, the previously normal unit becomes slow.
It’s a repetition of this.
I have checked with a wired LAN, and have not tried with a wireless LAN yet.

Oh, when I checked with ifconfig, the MAC address was the same.
It had nothing to do with IP addresses.
Thank you very much.
Even so, is it possible to ship with the same MAC address?

Even so, is it possible to ship with the same MAC address ?
No, that’s your symptom right now.

Please refer to the thread below
“Rock 3a mac generation”

The content is as described by “amazingfate” in the above thread,
If the image generated by the method using “vendor storage” is diverted to multiple boards, the same “MAC Address” will be assigned.

To generate “MAC Address”, you should use the method using “cpu serial number” or “random mac address”.
(I think recent “u-boot” was a way to generate “MAC Address” based on “cpu serial number”…)

That way, the “MAC Address” will be assigned a board-specific value even if you reuse the same image.