Original RADXA images repacked to XZ

Original RADXA images repacked to XZ including offline image

This is unedited repacked original image for flashing without requirement for m2 adapter, this image can be used with this guide. This spares you now the step preparing XZ and repacking it. This should speed up installation process for newbies, flash offline version, boot your rock pi and flash immediately any device on your RockPi4 (no matter if internal eMMC, m2, USB disks or LVM’s)

Source: original gzip from RADXA, rockpi4b-ubuntu-bionic-minimal-20190104_2101-gpt.img.gz

More info will be added when I start writting documentation, but that can take a while

What is the difference between offline and non offline version?

Offline - For flashing of internal devices, it is original image compressed to xz which includes this image on its root so that internal eMMC, USD HDD, LVM, RAID and M2 disks can be flashed directly on first boot without any requirement for network/internet connection.

Normal - Does not include compressed xz on its root, if you want to flash internal devices, you have to download the image before you can flash it which requires internet connection.

No original files were edited for original repacked images