NVME not detected


Yesterday arrived my new ROCK PI 4A v1.4 4GB with heatsink and m2 extension board.
I bought blindly Intel 660p M.2 1 TB SSD NVMe (111€) not verifing compatibility…
Not detected in ROCK PI 4 directly or via extension board.
Tested with Armbian, Debian and Ubuntu.
Powered by QC charger.
Tomorrow i expect PD charger. I hope its just a power issue.

PS: NVMe disk works in my old PC thru cheap PCI Express board.


It works! With issues.
After 3 days of tinkering and using PD charger up to 60W .
Its does not recognize same as in M.2 NVMe Intel 1TB 660P Not reconized on Ubuntu Server
BUT after few minutes, i did restart and there it was.

Its very peculiar behaviour. After cool down nothing again (Power down for longer time). After warm up its detected again.

M.2 NVMe Intel 1TB 660P Not reconized on Ubuntu Server

Posting here because I’m in the same situation… Intel 660p not being detected. If anyone figures out a reliable method, please do post it!


I guess it’s because 660P is a little too slow at cold start, like some microSD cards having similar issue RP4 will skip it at cold start (though it’s accessible once started from eMMC) but just fine when hot reboot. It could be fixable in the firmware.


No, i did not find solution how to detect it on cold boot.

Im using PD2 power brick, armbian from radxa download page and extension board as on picture:

@ O635789
Its not just after restart. I need to wait few minutes (to warm up?) and then restart.
If it were normal mini PC, I would return it. But I consider it “tinkering” board, so I’m willing to accept this peculiar behaviour.

PS: I believe I saw other RK3399 board(s) with this drive working on other forums.


Interesting. For now I’ll just use a standard ssd in a USB enclosure until a stable solution appears.