Little Manual for Fileshare or a NAS


I found that Ubuntu server is not ideal performance wise. No matter, debian stretch is snappy and seems ok.
Is there a manual how to create a samba share on the rock so that I can access a smb share on my Mac? Or maybe even a NAS application that runs on stretch? I have a 5T exFAT that I want to make available on LAN at home and via ssh on the Internet as my personal cloud drive.
I am not an expert on Linux and I have a particularly hard time with debian. Nothing seems to work without a fight.


Download Armbian and run script armbian-config via ssh and install OMV in this script. Work great :wink: Rest configuration via web interface.


Works well? Can you tell me if the dockers in OMV 4 work? And is the processor also recognized in OMV?


No, it works not well at all. In fact, the OMV installation terminates with an error and it is quite a hassle to make it fly and at least my installation was not at all stable. I now use Ubuntu server with Webmin. For my purpose it is way less trouble to set up and at least more stable. The mini version of ubuntu without gui is quite responsive.


Hi. With Debian-Stretch-LXDE I found a relatively reliable version, which also integrates the disks in OMV after a kernel update. However, the Docker do not work and with OMV-Firstaid you can also forget the static IP allocation. This is currently a common problem of the rock chipset. The following command stops loading the desktop.

systemctl set-default

Your variant is then but probably the better solution.