Keyboard Not working

I have just put the Debian desktop image on the eMMC card. System booted fine but my apple keyboard is not working. The mouse which is attached to the keyboard works fine.
How to make the keyboard working? Thanks

Apple Keyboard is not working. Tried around and searched for a solution for days and then used a cheap windows keyboard without any problems. I could not find out why the apple keyboard is not working and how to fix it.

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try running:


Does it list the KB as a KB or do you just see the hub?

It seems we need to enable the Apple Keyboard in the kernel config. @Stephen will look at that.

Thanks a lot for your helpful replies.
I’ll check lsusb as soon as I have got a suitable keyboard

now I got an other usb keyboard and it is working, but its language is not set automatically. How can I change this?
The lsusb has listed the apple keyboard as “Apple, Inc. Aluminum Mini Keyboard (ISO)” but it does not work. When would be integrated the Apple Keyboard in the kernel config?
Thanks for your help and patience

I don’t know where you come from, but language conversion should work as described here, only with adapted to your country.