IMX219 + NPU real-time object detection on Zero 3W (experimental)

Are you using OpenCV? Those Bounding Boxes look a lot like OpenCV

I would check GPU usage to make sure it is not being software rendered somehow. You should see 5%-7% load ( plain X without desktop enviroment )

Reviewing the code, i computed the Inference + the Postprocess time as the total of 34 ms, the remaining 20 ms was rendering the image, rects and text.

Hey Avaf, I will send my modified code shortly, maybe there is something different? I only did what you told me to do

Here is the code I used as-is

./ff-rknn -p nv12 -f v4l2 -s 1024x600 -i /dev/video0 -m ./car-license-yolov5n.rknn -x 1024 -y 600

Built with jellyfin-rga , jellyfin-mpp and Nyanmisaka FFMPEG

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hello, i am new for zero 3W, could you please tell me how the build the right firmware to light imx219, so i can get the image? thank you!