HP SSD EX950 2TB not working

With or without the extension board, my NVME HP SSD EX950 2TB does not detect. The drive works fine in a laptop. This is an M key device – NOT the same as the B & M key device listed as “Known not working” in the FAQ.

I bought this board specifically for tne NVME support; to find that it does not actually work is very frustrating.

what’s the label/series no on the case of your ROCK Pi 4?

If directly plug the M.2 on ROCK Pi 4, make sure the contact is tight. You may need to press and hold the ssd all the time.

Check: M.2 NVMe Intel 1TB 660P Not reconized on Ubuntu Server

It reads “ROCK PI 4B v1.3”.

I borrowed another NVME drive from someone and tested. That one is detected fine, so I feel confident that my hardware setup is correct.