Exact format of the upper M.2 slot on the Rock5B

Hi all,

On the upper side, the Rock5B has an M.2 A+E key slot, which is single-lane PCIe v2 right?

Kindly confirm the dimensions, is it’a 2230 (= 22x30mm) one.

Also can plug any M.2 A or M.2 A+2 2230 form factor card into it right, and it will have the 5gbps throughput such as Ethernet.


You can check the schematic for electrical details.

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@Zipdox @jack What is the exact dimensions of that slot, 22x30mm?

And it is E-key right, so it supports M.2 22x30mm E-key and A+E-key. Right?

It’s E Key 2230. 2.5G ethernet adapter should be supported.

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Followup question: In the Radxa Rock5B Debian image, is the M.2 E 22x30mm slot be configured to PCI mode by default, or must I run some system command to make the PCI work?

I plugged in such an M.2 card now and it is not detected by Linux.

Edit: Made a separate thread for this question: How make Rock5B's 22x30mm M.2 PCIe slot work on Linux?