Does the OS know what voltage the SBC gets?

I know. But reading out the input voltage (which is possible with the so called BSP kernel having a driver for the so called SARADC unit that measures this and that) doesn’t help here at all since knowing the incoming voltage w/o knowing the amperage/current at the same time is useless.

The only thing you really know right now is that your OS (relying on mainline kernel 6.8) is wasting energy for whatever reason and you’ll need a power meter to determine the whole board’s consumption since knowing voltage w/o amperage is not sufficient.

I am looking for an external power meter to optimize the system later on, but right now I was just curious to know what the computer and the PD had agreed on, voltage-wise. Maybe even see differences between USB-c cables.

A simple thought has really snowballed, it seems.

You can load devicetree from grub with command like “devicetree /boot/dtb/rk3588-rock-5b.dtb”.

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The solutions are still sadly going above my head, but I’ll see what the people over at the openSUSE forum can make out of it.

I am trying to catch up, but still failing.

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