Distros using Collaboras work?

Are there any distros using Collaboras work?
found here: https://gitlab.collabora.com/hardware-enablement/rockchip-3588

Their Debos OS seems to be the only one I can boot, so would be nice if there were some other distros using it aswell? Vidmate
I have tried most of the distros from the download page with different problems, (cant boot, kernel errors etc)

Are you talking about Mainline / Midstream / Linux 6.x kernel?

I did not get to compile a kernel from source successfully (and I did not have time to keep debugging and learning when I try them months ago), So I have only tested built image available:

Monka Midstream 6.2 Kernel (pancsf) :
https://monka.systemonachip.net/rock5b/pancsf-midstream/ (maybe try the newer one below instead)

Boot : worked on sd card and nvme (requires an sd card with armbian bootloader first boot, update armbian-firmware fixed it, do not let it auto update linux / linux-firmware, it breaks the system)

I thought it wasnt working but seems like they needs some more boot time and the hdmi and pd takes time to appear.

Monka 6.2 Kernel (debian and ubuntu available):
malicsf driver : https://monka.systemonachip.net/opi5/mesa_23.2.0-devel-1_arm64.deb

Boot : tested working on nvme, gpu also works, tested gnome with wayland,

(did not get the A8 / RTL8852BE Wifi card working, share if you find a solution)

Collabora 6.5 kernel :

boot with hdmi : unknown

For arch linux, maybe you can try using collabora’s image and clear the rootfs and replace it with arch linux like first post of Archlinux on Rock5b, but do not replace kernel with any apt / pacman command, just blacklist linux, linux-firmware, etc packages for updating.