I don’t see anything wrong with the dts.

Unfortunately, I can’t help much, my whole setup is based on 5.10 due to using libmali, i can’t just switch kernel as you can with Armbian.

What i know is these guys are actively working on the rockchip media and perhaps they have up-to-date documentation (or they can talk to rockchip directly) and can give you some inside information.
@nyanmisaka @amazingfate

I think you are right.
If you want to debug the kernel: (https://github.com/armbian/linux-rockchip/blob/rk-6.1-rkr1/drivers/media/platform/rockchip/cif/capture.c#L6405)

I will follow the conversation…

Thanks. Yes amazingfate usually answers on discord armbian-rockchip channel. I’ll try to contact him there too.

Update: since this CIF and ISP driver/sdk software is Rockchips work their staff should be most suited for solving it. I sent an email to someone there.

@avaf @Oskar_Enoksson did you find a solution to the problem? I’m facing the same on a different SBC, however, my overlay for cameras works on 5.1.160 kernel but fails on both 6.1.y kernel from friendlyelec and also 6.1.57 armbian kernel…

I have reserved my ready-to-fire image with kernel 6.1 to Rock 5C but no sign of the board being delivered any time soon. I am waiting for a few SD card to arrive soon and then i will try on Rock 5B. I think OrangePi has kernel 6.6 , have you tried that kernel version?

I still have the same problem. The camera overlay works for me though, it is just the video processing drivers that don’t work (with armbian 6.1 vendor kernel that is, the 5.10 vendor kernel works).

I opened issues here and here but no solution yet.

Note that you must have “vendor” kernel and the only existing versions are 5.10 and 6.1 for all I know. The mainline 6.1 or 6.6 or any other kernel can’t use the MIPI/CSI camera as far as I know because the functionality is not yet implemented there. Collabora has it on their TODO list but I hear that they are not as focused on rockchip development lately.

Please, disregard this info.

thx for the info, at least I’m not alone :slight_smile: