CSI OV5647 Camera on Rock 3A

Hi, everyone,
I have an CSI OV5647 Camera for Raspberry Pi. If possible, I’d like to use it on Rock 3A. Please provide me with any information on this issue.

You are not alone.

Here are some Infos that might be helpful:

  • there is no support for OV5647 on “legacy” kernel, regarding some features, 3A,ISP,etc,etc…
  • there is some support for OV5647 on the mainline kernel, despite everyone saying otherwise, partial support but there is. Maybe that work landed on 5.16 for the rk35x, I haven’t looked at mara’s kernel to check it.
  • Radxa doc about the MIPI CSI seems to be the same as Rock Pi 4, so there is a chance it can work, i might be wrong.

I have seen support for GC2053 and x-chip XC7160 sensor on rk356x, but the configuration is for 4 lanes, i think.

Rock 3a hw revision is at 1.3, don’t know if they changed / fixed something on MIPI csi side.
Radxa knows their hardware, i don’t think is hard for them to give an initial dts configuration and let the users try to find ways to make it work, maybe this will bring a lot of support tickets for them and they are not willing to handle, it is just an opinion.

But i think Radxa should give some MIPI CSI road map for the Rock 3A, i would like to hear about that.

Thank you for your comment. I hope the Radxa add this item to their todo list so that many users would be happy.

We’ve added this to our todo list now.

Thank you very much, Jack. I’m looking forward to its release.


Check the post by @avaf

How was this solved? I am looking for support of this camera in rock-4b+