Compiler Segmentation Faults

I have 2 Rock5B boards running Rock-5b_debian_bullseye_kde_b39.img.xz . I have apt updated and upgraded everything. I have also used rsetup to update the bootloader.

However, I consistently get segmentation faults when trying to compile using G++. I also get crashes/freezes within firefox esr.

Could this be a power supply issue? Has anyone else experienced this and has a solution?


We have two Rock5 with 16G + nvme in production, they are constantly doing something, hosting two GitHub runners each:

Armbian 24.2.1 Jammy with bleeding edge Linux 6.7.0-rc1-edge-rockchip-rk3588            	
Up time:       38 days 1:15

They never crashed, while they were unstable with stock kernel 5.10.y (6.1.y was n/a at the time).

I am also using the Rock 5B with 16GB

The problem is occurring more frequently when booting from EMMC, vs a MicroSD card.
And have tried without the camera, wifi card and nvme drive plugged in, and the problem still occurs.

I originally had the OKDO power supply, but the Rock 5B had problems booting, because of the known PD negotiation problem.

So I have bought some other USBC PD power supplies, which don’t create the same boot problem.

What power supplies are you using?

I experienced the same issue but I think I have a/the solution if both our problems originate from the same cause. :slight_smile:

My setup: rock5b, 32GiB (the Aracetech delivered ones), 4TiB Lexar 790 NVME.

With both a EMMC 64GiB inserted and NVME the system would hardly boot.

Changing to any of the available fixed and PD protocol supported power adapters did not work.

Removing the EMMC or the NVME made the rock5b start but as my test on reliability is compiling Bareos from sources (both current and next) that would result in segfaults, or linker errors or even more strange errors with nothing working anymore till next reboot.

Today I found out that RADXA has (silently?) released new SPI firmware;

  • rock-5b-spi-image-gd1cf491-20240523-debug.img

And after installing this; I did not have any issue anymore during the compiles. So this might be the solution.

Next step is to add both EMMC and NVME adapter (now only using NVME) and see if it boots.

I will keep you posted.

Here is where you can find the debug and other versions for the SPI firmware:

@RADXA; is there any changelog of what has changed?

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Check this post by @Eric_Woudstra: Rock 5B constantly crashing. I think the changelog is in the git repo.

And with NVME and EMMC it boots.
Now doing compile test

Compile test works. So this appears to be the solution.

@foxxx1337; thank you for your clarification. I had read that post before, but did not relate it to this problem.

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