Boot message on Debian


Debian startup always occurs on black screen, I do not know if ubuntu is like this, too. Is there any way to enable boot message?


What do you mean “occurs on black screen”? Does it not boot? Or ?


Everything works normally, plus I would like the information at startup. Example in x86 I can remove the quiet of GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = "quiet splash" for the boot messages to appear.

Can only be a detail, but both the official debian distro and the one I compiled is on black screen until the startup finishes, if something is wrong I can not know what it is. It happens sometimes in disk scans with openmediavault .


Maybe i understood what you mean, but i do not know to fix this.
Thing is when xserver starts - there is no hdmi signal. For me screen is not black, since i use a bit special “china” screen from Aliexpress, which shows me that there is no signal by blue screen. But i guess most monitors/tvs have timeout for this and remains black if there is no hdmi signal. That’s why you see what you see. Most likey.


I think OP meant that there is no kernel messages on boot up process. I have the same. Everything goes quietly till login prompt. This shouldn’t be this way. And I think that for now there is no way to enable screen output, as it is hardcoded in the board itself. There are no kernel switches available in extlinux.conf to enable it.


I understand this request and completely agree. By looking at the /var/log files, you can see that there is nothing logged in the boot.log. Also during system initialization, there is no output through the HDMI. In my case, after much hair pulling, I was able to configure on Debian a wireless profile with a static IP and activate it, but now I’m seeing issues at boot where the system hangs and the screen goes black after the desktop loads … sometimes it takes the RockPi to complete power down (kernel panic???). It could take up to a dozen tries to load, but then it’s solid as a rock. Without logging, there is no way for me to diagnose or repair the issues during the boot initialization. I understand that HDMI is not available during initialization, and that why it’s critical to provide boot.log logging. Please enable this logging in the init process.