Hi there, I am absolute newbee…
-managed to install RockPI4 Hardware and Debian. So far all is fine, did update/upgrade all is running, impressing! Seem to have Authentification Problem. Can’t add “user” to linaro, change “account type”, open Advanced settings ,cannot start Synaptic, edit “sources list”, mount SSD etc. What could be the problem?


Did you “sudo”?


Thanks for reply O635789! I tried doing things with implemented Filemanager. I guess it does not have the needed permissions and I do not know how to change. So I installed other tools and with them it works. Should I change group-settings for better use? I`m only able to change linaro-PW and group-settings.


You don’t need to add new user to the group “linaro”, but you do need to add the new user to “sudo” group. By default FileManager will not do anything as root even if you are in “sudo” group, you need to either start FileManager with “sudo” or adding “open as root” to context menu. In my ARM64 build the menu has been set out of the box.