Armbian on radxa zero doesn't produce picture on 1920x480 display

I have installed armbian on the zero’s on board emmc storage. I have set it up on a standard 1080p display to a usable desktop, then I powered it off and plugged it into the wide-screen display. Once the zero is powered on the back-light on the screen flashes on for a second and off. If anyone knows how to rectify this issue it would be greatly appreciated. I have already contacted the display manufacturer and they aren’t responding.

Prob not as likely that has no config for that display aspect which is also very rare 1920x480 is new to me.

There is an article on the start page that will give you a good starting point on how to enable a custom resolution but likely you will lose the boot cli.
Unless you can also create an entry in the DTB but if it works as a desktop via xorg guess no problem really.

Have you had any luck? I have the same 8.8 inch screen that works fine with my rpi4, but I cannot get it to work with my radxa zero

No but I have found out that following the above coment would work if there wasn’t a bug in the linux kernal.

I’ve moved away from Armbian due to resolution screen compatibility issues a long time ago!
For headless and if you don’t want any acceleration on the desktop experience it’s the way to go.

Plug the display to your normal PC to make sure the display resolution is not 480x1920 (i.e vertical display). Yes this is important since the driver will block this resolution.

I have the same screen and indeed the resolution is 480x1920!

Is there a workaround for this blocking?

The code in driver implies that those are hardware limitation. We could remove those but there is no guarantee that the hardware will then work with those values.

How can I do such workaround?

I found out it is actually 480x1920

Check this post:

I have it working following some of the instructions there. Basically:

  • Build the latest kernel from GitHub

No need to mess with EDID files or anything, it just worked for my screen, YMMV