Armbian for Rockpi S

v20.02.6 with 4.4.217 (kernel 5.5.y is possible to build with


Updated with those drivers:

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Heads up, there is also now a beta version of Armbian Buster 20.05 server with kernel 5.6.7

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I try to use Buster minimal 5.9.y
It is booting but no USB host is recognised.
lsusb -t is empty
Have someone 5.9 working with USB host ?

As of 30.11, no USB with Buster 5.9.11

Thanks for the info and the link. Looking forward to your test and hope that they will be successful.
I need a newer version because of USB Audio-2.0 gadget supporting now a sync endpoint. Without that Windows 10 will refuse to enumerate the driver, so that only UAC1 is working.
Btw. I have read that someone is asked about 8ch. I got it working.

FYI: On slarm64, kernel 5.9.6 also had no USB support for Rock Pi S, but the maintainer added it to kernel 5.9.12. See

No USB. lsusb is empty

not booting. device tree is missing

Known problem and not exactly a problem - nightly builds are only a developers support. Sorry, absolutely no time to do anything about in next couple of weeks, perhaps months. Some solutions / patches are scattered around and they need to be brought in, adjust and tested, …


but some additional optional fine tuning could be done.