After boot from nvme, how return to USD boot?

Hi. After getting started from nvme, if I want to reboot from usd, how do I do it? do i have to update spi again? Could you summarize the basic procedure?

This is because spi uboot has priority set to nvme. This is IMHO wrong. Removable media should take precedence. @balbes-150 for some time in their uboot has been making “USB SD … etc” priority. That’s right IMHO
Now you can remove the boot flag from the partition on nvme.

Yes, you are right. We will fix this and update the u-boot package.

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Hi. I’m having trouble restarting Armbian from usd. After getting started from nvme with debian desktop, I can only boot with debian desktop. If I try to do it from usd or nvme with Armbian I can’t start. Now I am trying to boot with Debian from usd for an update / upgrade and thereby update spi-flash, and then try again to boot with Armbian.
Spi-flash upgraded and I still can’t start with armbian

Use armbian images from @balbes-150; they have a separate boot partition with the boot flag on it and these images should be loaded.
At the end of [this post] (About multiboot) there is a link to the image, which includes the official armbian with separate boot partition that will be loaded with spi boot.

Hi. Can I flash a nvme and boot from it with this multiboot? I try dd to nvme but cant flash it. Sorry my english.

Hi. How do I increase the size of the Armbian partition? The disk filled up immediately.